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Victorian Conservatories

Choosing a new conservatory for your home can be a tough decision as there are so many different options to choose from. Nowadays conservatories come in a whole array of different styles and colours, which means that you have so many different options available.

The main factor to consider is the style of your current home. If it is a traditional home then a brand new aluminum or UPVC conservatory may not compliment it. Therefore you'll want to take a closer look at some of the more traditionally styled conservatories that are available.

A Victorian conservatory features classic styling and elegant lines to give it a truly classic look. Some Victorian conservatries feature very elaborate detailing, which really helps them to stand out and make a fantastic addition to your home.

Victorian conservatories often feature a tall angled roof with rounded edges. This means that the interior space benefits from plenty of height to create an airy and comfortable area. You can often choose the amount of facets that make up the roof, which makes this type of conservatory very flexible and suitable for a range of different homes.

These types of conservatories don't come ready made; they are made to your exact requirements, which means that you have the overall control over the final design of your conservatory. You can choose from the positioning of the windows to the colour of the frame.

Victorian conservatories are ideal for a range of different uses. They make fantastic sunrooms as they enable you to really appreciate your outside space, or alternatively, they can just be used as additional living space.

Victorian conservatories are based on designs that were first seen during the reign of Queen Victoria. They feature brickwork that helps to give them more of a 'solid' feel.

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