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Block Paving Buyers Guide

Block paving is an extremely popular choice among home owners due to the hardwearing, adaptable and attractive surface it provides for any driveway or patio. Block paving comes in a wide selection of colours, shapes and designs. Block paving is very low maintenance, easily repaired, is cost- effective, extremely durable and above all looks great!


There are two types of block pavement to choose from - concrete or clay, and both have their advantages. Concrete block paving are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours and textures, meaning you can create a brand new look for your driveway or patio, or even a tumbled or antiqued feel. Clay block paving can be custom made depending on your budget and are extremely hard - wearing. The colours of clay bricks are completely natural because a chemical dye is not used, which means they are not prone to fading like concrete blocks can be.


Building Regulations do not generally apply when building a new driveway. However, you will need to make sure that any alterations do not compromise any part of the house or driveway. If you are adding a step where there wasn’t one before, you will probably need to adhere to specific building regulations. It is always best to contact your local authority if you are unsure, so they can advise you on any regulations that may need to be met.


Planning permission is also not usually required, but this can change in some circumstances, so again it is best to contact your local authority to make sure before you start work.


Although laying block paving yourself can be done, there are many steps and processes to consider.  Safety equipment, tools and machinery is something you need to consider. Also the amount of work needed, the disposal of excess waste and the different layers of materials will all need to be thought about.


It is not simply a case of laying block paving, the existing driveway may need to be removed, then the geotextile layer will need to be laid, then the hard core, a drainage channel will need to be installed, as well as a new man hole cover. A course of grit sand will need to be laid, a perfectly flat bed is required before even thinking about installing the block paving. Once the block paving is put down kiln dried sand will need to be brushed over the entire area making sure all the joints are full before the final compacting with the plate vibrator takes place. WOW, hard work eh?!


Contractors will be aware of what is needed and what machinery and equipment to use. They have specialised knowledge in installing block paving driveways and will be able to assist and advise you on all aspects. We strongly recommend you enlist the services of a qualified professional to save any unnecessary stress. A qualified contractor will make sure that all work is completed to the highest of standards, meaning there is no need for extra work to be carried out after the driveway has been installed to cover up or make up for any inadequacies. 

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