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Asbestos Testing

Suspect asbestos?

If you suspect you may have certain materials that contain asbestos then an asbestos testing service is highly recommended. Asbestos can be extremely dangerous. If disturbed, fibres are released into the air, which if inhaled can have severe effects on someone's health and lead to terminal diseases. There are lots of Do It Yourself testing kits readily available to buy, but as previously mentioned asbestos is a dangerous fibre and should not be disturbed. Therefore, if you suspect asbestos is present in any materials around your premises or home, you should have them tested by a reputable asbestos testing company.

When to use an asbestos testing service

If your home or premises was built before 2000, it's highly probably that certain materials within the structure contain asbestos. Before refurbishing or repairing any item or part of the building, it's best to first of all be sure you don't have asbestos-containing materials that might get disturbed during the renovation.

DIY Kits

Many people choose to test for asbestos using DIY kits because it can be cheaper than employing a professional company, but it can also be extremely dangerous due to the risk element. Although the DIY kits contain the same equipment used by professional companies, the average person has not been trained in dealing with such a hazardous substance. Asbestos fibers can stick to clothing and then be inhaled at a later date, endangering not only you, but everyone you come into contact with.

Throughout testing for asbestos, materials need to be handled correctly. Did you know?

  • Suspected asbestos materials must be continually sprayed with a water and detergent mixture to stop them from becoming airborne.
  • Never hoover around an area suspected of having asbestos
  • Never sweep
  • Never dust
  • Never just scrap the suspected material

Always employ a professional organisation to do your asbestos testing. They will know the best ways to deal with materials that may contain asbestos and reduce the chances of exposure. Reputable companies have trained and qualified staff, who have specialist equipment and are regularly updated on new and improved techniques when dealing with asbestos. Compared to someone with a DIY asbestos test kit, asbestos removal companies will be more protected and much more knowledgeable in avoiding the escape of toxic particles.

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