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Asbestos Removal Grants

I've found asbestos, is there any help available?

Yes, you may be entitled to an asbestos removal grant.

The removal of asbestos materials may be expensive, overwhelming and time consuming; however, in some cases certain local governments offer grants that may benefit you whether you are a home owner, a landlord or an organisation within the construction industry. Whatever your circumstance, do not fall victim to removing the asbestos yourself. If you are not eligible for a government grant you can use to get discounted prices for safe asbestos removal from professional contractors. 

Who is entitled to a grant?

Asbestos removal grants are being offered by many private and public institutions to help encourage the safe removal of this hazardous material. Construction industry employers are offered grants by CITB (the national training organisation for construction) when staff members attend courses or are given on the job training on dealing with asbestos material.

Asbestos removal grants are mainly given when a whole construction estate contains asbestos. Although the asbestos may remain undisturbed and therefore not dangerous, it can quickly become airborne. Some argue that renovation, as opposed to a complete re-build would be more ecological, but the risk that the asbestos may be disturbed and then inhaled outweighs the initial expense. Therefore central government grants are made available for a work of this nature.

If you are a landlord or a home owner it is your responsibility if there is asbestos present in your home. There are however, asbestos removal grants available. If the asbestos remains undisturbed there is no immediate rush to remove it, as sometimes the distribution can cause more damage. If the asbestos proves dangerous to someone living in and around the house, removal is essential. Apart from asbestos removal grants there are government unsecured loans offered for the job too. In fact individuals if found eligible, can access 150% tax relief and asbestos removal grants funding which is required in case of asbestos surveys and removal of asbestos from the premises.

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